As a man striving to live a 1 Timothy 6 lifestyle, I want to share with you my life. I don’t pretend to have everything figured out, but I do think we should question everything and search for God with our hearts, our heads, and our hands.  I’m very excited about the story He has let me live out so far and I can’t wait to see what more He has in store.  Knowing that a story worth telling requires conflict, pain, and sacrifice is both terrifying and captivating.  Even still, I have confidence that my God is with me, come what may.

I often find myself floating upward into the clouds, musing about things that are, that were, that will be, or may be.

I was recently thinking about the boy that I was in high school, the person I am today, and the man I’m turning into.  I realize that through much of my life, reality has been thick with fog, leaving me unsure of what is real and true.  And honestly, I can’t say much has changed in that wing.

But just occasionally something will twinkle through the muck and shine it’s way into my heart in such a way that I’m just certain it’s solid.  An epiphany, of sorts.

I would be honored if you would listen as I share those epiphanies, those whisperings of the Lord, along with parts of my story, and whatever else comes tumbling out with them.


Brent - Pegram 2014










Brent Hemphill