I’ve heard it said more than once that at some point you should work a job that you absolutely hate.  I hadn’t given it much attention but I’ve found it has merit.

I thought I didn’t like my job in golf course maintenance as a teenager because it was hot, sweaty work.  I was precious and thought I knew a lot of things.  Not much has changed.

Well, that’s not true, which brings me here.  I currently work as a Customer Service Representative in a call center for a company I’m actually not legally allowed to disclose here, but we’ll just say that some people have no problem losing their humanity on the phone for some mindless entertainment.

Needless to say, I do not look forward to going to the office everyday.  But, as much as I’m not fond of this experience, it is shaping me.  Sometimes, I get calls from people who are just looking to take out their anger on me, whether they realize it or not.  I have no face and represent a company, not a person.  Their circumstances have a safe outlet when they speak with me.  And yet, in the midst of what feels like sharp injustice, a new branch of love and humility can begin to grow if I’ll pay attention.

I’m reminded of Jesus’ attitude when He was betrayed, beaten, and mocked during the process of the greatest service ever given.  He loved with a humility I will never know.  In likeness, I must make a choice to love and serve regardless of how I am treated.  Every single day gives me new perspective on how this life is most beautifully lived, whether that be a pleasant experience or not.


Which brings me to my point: choice.  Even more than love and humility, God is teaching me to take ownership of my choices.  Though, from time to time, I have someone spitting the most profane venom you’ve never thought of in my ears, I alone have the ability to choose not only how I will react but how I will let it affect me at all.

Will this ruin the day, or even a moment?

Will this move me at all?

What kind of power am I willing to give away to this stranger?

Every day when I walk into work, sit down in my cubicle, place my headset over my ears, and take my last deep breath before logging onto the phones, the Lord says to me,

“Who has the power to move you but you?  Don’t give it away.  Choose love.  Choose to love those who are cursing you.  Even though isn’t fair and it hurts, choose to serve, especially when you are treated like a servant.”

Everyone has a choice.  Many choose to buck up, striving so desperately to make themselves feel strong and secure, yet, it is exactly that which is the evidence of their weakness and insecurity.  I am strong only because my Father is strong and because He has given me the awareness to choose for myself what I will think, say, or feel.  The actions of others belong to those who choose them, not me.

I have grown to no longer feel bad selling my customers overpriced distractions because every single one of them has a choice to make and they alone are responsible for that choice, regardless of anyone else.  Likewise, it is my responsibility to do my job to the best of my abilities and to remain faithful where I’ve chosen to serve.

Choose to step outside of our cultural influences and think, regardless of the grain.  Everyone is selling Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir of some kind or another, but only you can choose to buy in or walk away with your wisdom in hand, knowing you didn’t end up with a bottle of piss and ink.

You can choose.  Defend your pride, if you must.  Or, choose to know your worth and let all else fall away.

Because the truth is those who shout the loudest lack the most.

They crave love and affirmation and they are starving to death.

Those of us who know from where our value comes, you and I, have the ability to supply that demand.

Don’t be selfish.

Brent Hemphill


When we make our sales we get ridiculous rewards like pickles and kool-aid.  Somehow I’m not motivated by that but I suppose somewhere someone was, so they kept it!