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I think that somewhere, long ago

A treasure lost down in the snow

Of lights and games and good intentions

And the internet, not to mention

I think we missed it’s fond farewell

It bid adieu and we propelled

This grand idea that our arraignment

Would never be for entertainment

I think it grabbed us by the fat

And helped us down to where we’ve sat

But we don’t mind and think it’s nice

For someone else to sooth our vice

I think we look the other way

And say we’ll deal another day

But one by one we watch them go

Down deeper, deeper into the snow

I think those games and good intentions

And the internet, not to mention

Will suck us in and wish us well

Before we’ve seen we’re in their spell

I think I think, but I could be wrong

I may be also in this song

I’ll twist and claw and scream and fight

I’ll tear these bonds with all my might

I think you’re jealous, I’ve won the fight

I’ve got the answers, I’ve got the right

To point my finger and give your sentence

But I’m the fool who needs repentance

I think we’re broken, squeak, and still

He’s no longer there upon that hill

He gave us brains to seek Him with

To separate Him from our myth

I think somewhere we got distracted

Our brains walked out, we should have acted

We should have plead, and begged, and fought

We don’t think now, not how we ought

I think I’m sad to see them go

It’s awfully cold down in this snow

I once was used to how it felt

But now’s the time for it to melt

We think we think, but is it true?

I think I think we think we do.


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