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September 3, 2013

If you’re reading this right now, which you are, then this post most likely applies to you.  This is my way of saying I was wrong and I’m sorry.  I hope you will extend to me the undeserved honor of hearing me out.  Though I am thinking of a few instances in particular, this certainly applies to most anyone reading this, some far more than others, though, to be sure.

Before I started this Nazirite season of my life a friend of mine told me he felt like God was telling him that He was going to use this time to change me into the man He has set me apart to be.  You may not believe in prophecy and I get that, but I do and I trust the man that told me he heard this from God.  What’s more is that such transformation is indeed taking place, slowly and with much difficulty, but surely.

I say that to say this:  Though I still have a very long way to go, I shudder when I look back at the man that I have been in the past.  Again, with many of you I can recall discussions we’ve had, many more than once, where I represented Jesus very poorly.  I became frustrated with you and pointed fingers when I shouldn’t have.  In most cases, when I think back to our arguments, you were right.  There are very few exceptions to this.

In my mind I was helping.  From my perspective, you were misguided and you needed someone to help you see the truth.  The way I saw it, it was the loving thing to do.  Or for some of you, I was just a jerk.  I definitely did that a lot too.  But either way, when I think about how I handled it, I’m truly embarrassed.

My pretentiousness knew no bounds.  I wasn’t very loving at all.  Instead I beat you in the face with my opinion.  In all honesty, I think most of us could sit down over coffee and have those conversations again and we would probably see things quite similarly.  I’m ashamed that I damaged our relationship and I very much regret doing so.


So, to keep this from dragging on and on, I just want to say that I’m sorry.  By far, I have not arrived.  I still have to fight the temptation to constantly be right, but I definitely don’t want to be that kind of Christian ever again.

Thank you for listening.

If any of you want to talk please email me at

I’d love to reconnect with you.

Because of Him,

Brent Hemphill


If you’re just now joining my journey then please know that I will not be on Facebook during my time of consecration so any messages or requests you may have sent will not be responded to for quite some time.  It’s not personal, it’s Jesus.

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